Kettlebell Technique Wednesday!

Today we are going to spend some time reviewing one of the more advanced Kettbell techniques with profound “real world” application:  The Turkish Get-up. We will then put this technique into a challenging warm-up. We will keep the weight light to focus on technique and range of motion. Our Krav Maga class tonight will be focusing on the “street application” of this skill.

3 Turkish get-ups, right arm
3 Turkish get-ups, left arm
10 Kettlebell Swings
2 Turkish get-ups, right arm
2 Turkish get-ups, left arm
10 Kettlebell Swings
1 Turkish get-up, right arm
1 Turkish get-up, left arm
10 Kettlebell Swings

Rest as needed then,

1:00 “on” followed by 1:00 “off” for 20:00 of the following triplet:

3 Power Cleans
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Note: Weight on the Kettlebell today for men is up to 35lb. and women 25lb. Light-weight dumbbells will also be available. The kettlebell component of todays workout will not be timed. Athletes will have seven minutes to complete the repetition scheme. Weight on the barbell is up to 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women. The goal on the triplet is to complete two or more rounds every minute.

Jacob is a Warrior!


Jacob always comes to the gym with the eye of the tiger. A true warrior at heart, Jacob is a  brilliant example of the character traits of determination, perseverance, courage and service. Keep up the awesome work Jacob!



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