Four rounds for maximum repetitions against a 4-minute running clock:
Row 500 Meters

Note: Row 500 Meters as fast as you can against the “running clock”. In the remaining time, complete as many Double-Unders as possible. Your “score” is the number of Double-Unders completed at the end of all four rounds. Rest approximately 4:00 between rounds to encourage maximum intensity during the row. Who can row sub 1:50 and complete 100 Double-Unders on all four rounds? This workout is all about technique! Check your Fitness Journals, the last time this workout was completed in the gym was January 14, 2014.

Erica is a Warrior!


Erica is a former winner of the Firebreather Award and is a warrior at heart. She is one of the most consistent 6:00 PM CrossFit Athletes at our gym and always attends class with the eye of the tiger and an open heart. She is also a devote follower of the CrossFit Amundson Yoga and Mobility program. The photograph above was captured during Erica’s epic battle with 14.3 last Friday. Keep up the great work Erica!


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