SUNDAY 120701

Today, we are going to do the WaterWOD!

Complete five rounds for time of:
Underwater Swim 25 meters
50 Squats

This WOD is tough! On 120401, Greg Amundson teamed up with Chris Michelmore and CrossFit Moxie in San Jose, CA., to complete this WOD for a CrossFit workout demonstration. This is one of the most physically and mentally challenging WOD’s that Greg had ever completed. Make sure you have a “safety” during this WOD for the underwater swims.

Greg Amundson with Peter, Commander of Norway’s Force Protection Unit.


Underwater Swim WOD with Greg Amundson and Chris Michelmore [video]


Read the Power of Personal Psychology by Stephanie Vincent today. After reading, consider the following questions:

1. What is your body language saying during the day?
2. How can you best ensure your personal phychology is communitaning a message to your mind of courage, strength and personal belief?