Today we are going to work up to a 1RM squat snatch. Start light and pursue virtuosity. Take twenty minutes to find your max effort.
Rest 5 minutes then,
30 squat snatches from the ground with 60% of your 1RM RM effort.

Greg Amundson prepares for the WODTour with Jeff Martone’s TAPS Bar


Join Greg Amundson today at 1:00 PM on the West end of Cowell’s Beach (near the Boardwalk) for the CrossFit Amundson Endurance WOD. We will be doing an ocean swim and soft sand run.


Krav Maga Santa Cruz


“I want you to pursue athleticism. Your body’s physique will take care of itself, but that’s not the focus. Make your goal the zone diet and 20 pull-ups.”
Greg Amundson – from Nutritional Goal Setting  – Video [wmv] [mov]