In Teams of Two, work up to a combined 1 Repetition Max Deadlift.

Rest as needed then,

Teams of Two Complete for Time:

Deadlift, 10 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 10 repetitions

Followed by,

Two Rounds of:
Deadlift, 8 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 8 repetitions

Followed by,

Four Rounds of,
Deadlift, 6 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 6 repetitions

Note: For the combined Deadlift 1 Repetition maximum effort, each partner will find their individual 1 RM weight. Partners will then total their efforts for a combined team weight. For the metabolic component of the WOD, each partner must complete their rounds before tagging their partner. For example, on the opening repetition scheme, Partner “A” would complete 10 Deadlifts followed by 10 Hand Release Push-ups, then tag their Partner. Partner “B” would then complete 10 Deadlifts followed by 10 Hand Release Push-ups, then tag their partner, who would then complete two consecutive rounds of 8 Deadlifts and 8 Hand Release Push-ups, and then tag their Partner, etc. Mens weight is up to 135lb. and women 95lb. Partners must pick a weight they are both capable of lifting. How many teams can achieve a combined Deadlift 1 Repetition Max of over 500 pounds and complete the WOD in fifteen minutes?

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