Row 1000 Meters
Deadlift, 20 Repetitions
100 Squats

Rest up to 7:00 then,

Row 500 Meters
Deadlift, 10 Repetitions
50 Squats

Note: Prescribed weight is up to 185lb. for men and 135lb. for women. Squats are gymnastic. The goal on today’s workout, last completed in our gym on July 17, 2013, is to give a heroic effort on Round One, rest as needed, and then complete Round 2 in less than half the time for completion of Round One.

Outside Fitness

Fitness Outside the Box!


Good luck to Greg Amundson who will be speaking in front of the entire Los Angeles Police Department METRO Division today about CrossFit for Law Enforcement Officers.


Please note there will be no Yoga or Krav Maga today.


The Burpee Pull-up (GI Jane) from the Law Enforcement Seminar [video]


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