Due to the Run & Swim on Friday, today is Kettlebell Thursday! We will review the Kettlebell Floor-press, then learn the Tactical Turkish Get-up.

3 x 3 Turkish Get-up

Rest 5 minutes then,

Tabata Double Under

Notes: Rest approximately two minutes between deadlift efforts. On the Tabata Double Under, increase your personal record by one repetition. If on your previous attempt at the Tabata Double Under you did single’s, this time fight for the double!

Greg Amundson and the Richland County SWAT Team at SealFIT.


“A huge congratulations to my good friend Scott Puckett and the Richland County SWAT Team (from Columbia, South Carolina) on their successful graduation from SealFIt this past weekend. After 50 brutal hours of continual training, Scott and his SWAT Team were standing tall on the grinder, the first Law Enforcement SWAT Team in the World to complete the Course. Great job guys!” – Greg Amundson


The CrossFit Experience With Greg Amundson” CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] – Courtesy of