Welcome to the first workout the New Year! Today we are starting a brand new Wendler Strength Series for the Front Squat and Shoulder Press. What do you get when these two potent strength skills are combined? You guessed it: A Thruster! We are excited about combining these two movements and look forward to seeing everyones success. On Thursdays, we will also be incorporating advanced midsection development work and “Tabata Mash-ups” to the mix. Please be sure to attend class today to determine your 1 Repetition Max on the Front Squat and Press.

Wendler Strength Series – Establishment of 1 Repetition Max for Front Squat and Press

Rest as needed then,

Tabata Front Squat with 50% of 1RM Load

Rest 2:00,

Tabata Push-up

We love Brett and Amber


Following an intensive Internship Program, Brett and Amber are now official CrossFit Amundson Trainers! Brett and Amber drive all the way from Morgan Hill to be part of the magic at our gym. They have a wealth of teaching experience, and are certified in CrossFit Gymnastics, Olympic LIfting, Kettlebell and Goal Setting. They are passionate about inspiring and education others about the benefits of dedicated fitness training. We are blessed to have Brett and Amber at our gym. We love you guys!