SUNDAY 141102

Please join us for today from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM for the CrossFit Amundson Olympic Lifting Class followed by Open Gym from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. A CrossFit Amundson Coach will be on staff to help with the accomplishment of your fitness goals.


Stick Defense – Krav Maga Phase A Test


New Programs Start This Week. [video]


Krav Maga Phase A and B Announcement

Congratulations to our new Krav Maga Santa Cruz Phase B Athletes and welcome to our new Phase A students. Both Phase A and B will begin mid-November. Phase A will be Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 PM to 7:00 PM and Phase B will be Monday and Wednesday 7:15 PM – 8:00 PM. Although monthly membership rates do not increase for enrollment into Krav Maga Santa Cruz, there is a one-time $50.00 fee to begin each Phase. Please be sure to sign up at HQ. Any questions about enrollment for Krav Maga please check with instructors Greg Amundson, Glenn Johnson or Luke Gelin.


“We all have the power to influence someones life, and our own life, by one degree. Think of the potential a one-degree change has over the course of a lifetime!” – Greg Amundson during an interview for the Christian Faith based Podcast GeneRXations. Listen to the Podcast [audio]


Weekly Challenge

Our new “Weekly Challenge” will be posted on Sunday. Athletes willing to accept the challenge will have until the following Sunday to complete the evolution. All evolutions must be completed under the observation of a CrossFit Amundson Coach or Open Gym Supervisor. Post results of the Challenge on the HQ whiteboard.

As Many Calories As Possible in 3:00 on the Assault Bike (this ones for Lee)


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