Today we are going to further refine our technique in the Snatch. Our goal is to determine our 1 RM (1 Rep Maximum Lift) Snatch. Then,

Every Minute On The Minute for Eight Minutes:

Perform 1 Snatch at 80% of your 1RM.
Then Row 2K For a Record Time.

Greg Amundson with Melissa Weiss


Melissa Weiss is a very special person at CrossFit Amundson. Melissa works as a teacher in our County and also does tremendous work to raise awareness for children’s cancer research. In Melissa’s own words, “I’ve answered the call to be a hero! I’m having my head shaved to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer.” Thank you Melissa for being a true hero. We love you!


Please note our gym will be closed after 1:00 PM today to support the CrossFit Games Announcement and Competition at the Santa Cruz Civic.