Please join us from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM today for Open Gym Saturday.  There will be TWO formal group workouts tomorrow. The first workout will start at 10:00 AM. It will be open to the public and will be appropriate for all levels. The second session will be lead by Greg Amundson and will begin at approximately 11:30 AM. If the sun’s out, then guns are out and we’re headed to the beach! This workout is only for members of CrossFit Amundson and will be programmed at the advanced level.  Open gym will now be from 12:30 to 2:00 PM with supervision from our Coaching Team. This is a great opportunity to work on skills and the accomplishment of your goals.

Remember the Pull-up Progression continues today! 5,4,3,3,2 STRICT Pull-ups

Sydney gets the STRONGER tattoo from Professor Klem!


Check out the ISR Facebook Page and watch these two incredible videos: [ISR video] [ISR video II] ISR Training is now available at CrossFit Amundson with the one and only JoAnn Barnett.


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