MONDAY 140203 

For time:
Thruster, 9 repetitions
Sumo Deadlift Pigh-Pull, 21 repetitions
Thruster, 15 repetitions
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 15 repetitions
Thruster, 21 repetitions
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 9 repetitions

Rest as needed then,

Accumulate As Many Repetitions As Possible in 4:00 of Pull-ups

Note: Weight for both the Thruster and Sumo Deadlift High-Pull is 95b. for men and 65lb. for women. Our “Whiteboard Challenge” is 100 Pull-ups in 4:00 or less. This is going to be a great day of training!

What happened to Alex?


Few things can bring someone to their back, arms splayed with eyes closed, like a battle with a CAMP workout. Our CAMP workouts allow for maximum performance, encourage camaraderie, and solicit the warrior spirit in a profound way.


To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Steve Prefontaine


In the early days of CrossFit, friends Greg Amundson and Josh Everett would frequently battle in epic bouts of “Fran” during the CrossFit Certification’s. Spectators would comment more on the spirit brought to the workout than the actual performance. It turned out Greg and Josh shared a personal childhood hero in Steve Prefontaine and had committed his quote and philosophy of “Always Doing Your Best” to memory. This month’s workouts will be dedicated to Steve, the running legend who brought the power of spirit to physical fitness. Before every workout this month, make a conscious decision to give your very best effort, and to put your mind, body and spirit into every repetition.


Greg Amundson vs. Josh Everett in “Fran” circa 2004 [Video]

Greg Amundson 100 Pull-ups for time circa 2004 [Video]


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