CrossFit Amundson Maximum Performance Session (CAMP)

On a 3:00 Running Clock,
Minute One: Concept2 Row, Maximum Calories
Minute Two: Burpees, Maximum Repetitions
Minute Three: 200 Meter Sprint (see score system below)

  • 30 seconds – 40 seconds = 30 points
  • 40 – 50 seconds = 20 points
  • 50 – 1:00 = 10 points
  • 1:00 or over = 0 points

Note: Complete up to Four Rounds of todays session, resting up to 3:00 between rounds (class size will determine.) Class size permitting, all athletes will start on the Row, and progress through the workout accordingly.

Jonathan is THE MAN!


Wednesday Special Events

Join us today from 5:15PM to 6PM for Faith Works Ministry, which meets at CrossFit Amundson the first Wednesday of every month. Free coffee at Coffeetopia from 5PM to 5:15, and Jon starts worship music at 5:15. Tomorrow’s message with Coach is on the spiritual principle of “Rejoicing in Suffering” which is achieved through Faith in God and the cultivation of a warrior mindset. We hope to see you there!


CAMP Blue Belt Test – Final Day for Registration is TODAY! 

  • Saturday, October 13, 2018 – 12PM to 2PM at HQ
  • Award ceremony and promotion to follow test
  • Celebratory BBQ
  • Testing fee of $25.00 includes certificate and belt
  • Krav Maga athletes are eligible and encouraged to test
  • Minimum of 3 months of training at CrossFit Amundson required to test
  • Must sign up at HQ by October 5 to test!
  • CrossFit Amundson Remote Athlete Testing Fee $199.00 [REGISTER HERE]


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