Hello CrossFit Amundson family and friends! Rather than our traditional 10:00AM FREE Community Workout – today we encourage you to go outside into your community and exercise! In other words, spend one hour outside, in the sun and in nature, moving your body. Here are some great ideas close to our Headquarters gym:

  • Run 5 laps around our “Big Loop”
  • Every Minute On the Minute (EMOM) for 7:00 add 1 x 10 meter sand sprints
  • 7 laps up Depot Hill
  • Walk or jog along East Cliff drive

This Capitola hill sprints are one of Coach’s recent favorite sessions. Start at the crosswalk at the bottom of the hill – which also happens to be the official end point of the famous Wharf to Wharf face. Run up the hill to the next crosswalk which is approximately 200 meters away. Walk back to the start point and repeat for a total of 7 rounds. Your work to rest is approximately 1 to 2 (1 minute on / 2 minutes off).


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