FRIDAY 190104


For Time,
Row 1000 Meters
Thruster, 50 Repetitions (45lb. / 35lb.)
Pull-up, 30 Repetitions 

Note: Today’s session is a classic CrossFit triplet, and it’s a good one! Compare today’s score to December 27, 2017. Be sure to log your score onto Beyond The Whiteboard! 

Meditation and Pranayama Class starts Wednesday, February 3, 2019 


Friday Special Programs 

8:00AM – 9:00AM (CrossFit Strength & Olympic Lifting)

10:00AM – 11:00AM (Private Krav Maga training)


Meditation and Pranyama with Greg Amundson

Beginning in February, 2019, Coach will be leading a weekly Meditation and Pranayama (breathing) class on Wednesday evenings from 6:15PM to 7PM. The class will also include seated Asana, although the emphasis will be on the internal practice of Yoga. This class is highly recommended, and can become the foundation for success in every area of your life. These are the same breathing and meditation techniques that Coach has been using every single day for nearly ten years, and that were taught (and retaught!) to him by Mark Divine, Dan Brule’, Raja Bright, Rolf Gates, and other experts in the field of metaphysics, spirituality, breathing, and meditation. Meditation benches will be provided. 


A big part Coach’s CrossFit journey since 2001 has been tracking progress in a written journal. Now with Beyond The Whiteboard, there is no better opportunity for you to do the same! Not only will it give you tangible indicators of the tremendous growth you’ve been experiencing in the gym, it will also encourage you to set new goals to achieve as you continually break through old ones. We are excited to help you reach those goals, both present and future ones.

To support your efforts we have decided to partner our  gym with Beyond the Whiteboard. Their awesome tools will allow you to log results to our daily workouts, view gym-wide leaderboards, and much more! 

To start tracking your progress, follow the steps below:

1. Visit, sign up, and use our special CrossFit Pleasure Point Code AMUN213 to join our gym.

2. Download the CrossFit btwb app. Available on both iPhone and Android.

3. Log a score from today’s workout! Our WODs will automatically appear on your calendar each day.


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