MONDAY 200504

Evolution A:

Every Minute On The Minute For 10:00

Weighted Object Deadlift, 2 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 2 repetitions
Weighted Object Deadlift, 4 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 4 repetitions
Weighted Object Deadlift, 6 repetitions
Hand Release Push-ups, 6 repetitions

Continuing this progression until,

Weighted Object Deadlift, 20 repetitions
Hand Release Push-up, 20 repetitions

Evolution B:

Tabata Sit-up and Superman Drill Mash-up

Note: Evolution A is a good one! How many people can make it until round 10? Adjust the repetitions accordingly to ensure you can continue for the entire 10:00 clock. Coach will brief some different approaches to this old school session. Join us every day this week in the same Zoom classroom located at 

Faith Works Ministry meets this Wednesday!



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