TUESDAY 140805

“Got Endurance”

Complete Four Rounds for Lowest Overall Time:

Devils Tricycle (Aerodyne Bike)1:00 for Maximum Calories,

Rest as needed,

Concept 2 Row 1:00 for Maximum Calories,

Rest as needed,

Run 400 Meters for Fastest Time

Note: Athletes can start at any station of their choosing, but they must honor the rotation set forth above. For example, you can start on the Run, but your next station must be the Aerodyne Bike, followed by the Concept 2 Row. Rest up to 2:00 between stations. Record the data from each station for each round. At the end of the workout, subtract your total calories from your total time spent running for your overall score, keeping in mind this might be a negative number. This scoring system encourages maximum power output at each station. Bring a water bottle to the gym today!

Officer Honey and Blytheville Police Department, Arkansas


On behalf of all the Law Enforcement Officers at CrossFit Pleasure Point, a very special thank you to Officer Honey of the Blytheville Police Department in Blytheville, Arkansas, for his efforts to bring CrossFit to Blytheville Police and Law Enforcement Officers in Mississippi County. Unlike CrossFit’s influence on the West Coast, the closest CrossFit gym to Blytheville Police Department is approximately a 2 hour drive. The economy, a low budget, limited nutritional resources, and a challenging climate are a few of the obstacles Officer Honey is overcoming as he gets one step closer on a daily basis at creating a CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate gym at Blytheville Police Department. Thank you to Officer Honey for hosting Greg Amundson during his recent lecture to Police Officers from Blytheville, Mississippi County and the Arkansas based regional Drug Task Force on the benefits of CrossFit for Law Enforcement Officers.


CrossFit For Law Enforcement

Similar to a civilian CrossFit gym, many Police Departments around the Country have adopted CrossFit as their official fitness program. These Departments, such as Stockton Police Department in Stockton, California, create non-profit CrossFit Law Enforcement gyms, staffed by CrossFit Level I trainers from their own Police Department. The best part: The gym and the workouts are offered free to the Officers from the respective Department. The benefits are incredible, including increased street-confidence, mental toughness, improved Department morale and Officer safety. For more information on creating a CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate at your Law Enforcement Agency or Law Enforcement Academy, please contact Greg Amundson.


CrossFit Pleasure Point Endurance Workout

Join us today from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM for the CrossFit Pleasure Point Endurance Workout which will be an ocean swim. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Transportation provided by the EPIC Fitness Van.


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