FRIDAY 141205

Skill Development:

With a dumbbell, starting from a supine position, perform a Turkish Get-up with your right hand. From a standing position, perform 5 single arm Overhead Squats. Return to supine position, and perform same routine with the left arm. Find a weight that is challenging yet ensures perfect technique and mechanics. Perform two to three rounds. The Turkish Get-up will be reviewed in each class.

Rest as needed then,

From “The CAMP” (CrossFit Amundson Maximum Performance)

Blast through this series of couplets:

Concept 2 Row, 15 Calories
Wall Ball, 15 Repetitions

Assault Bike, 30 seconds at 70 + RPM
Wall Ball, 15 Repetitions

Double Under, 50 Repetitions
Wall Ball, 15 Repetitions

Note: Perform at least two rounds of each of the three couplets for a total of at least 6 evolutions. No more than 2:00 rest between rounds and couplets. 100 Red Jumps may be substituted for the Double Under. Our Advanced Athletes should set a goal of performing 2 rounds of each couplet with an average round-time of 1:10.


Nate – Carlos – Omar – Chris – Bernie. Ture Champions.


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