FRIDAY 210305

Every 5:00 for 20:00 (4 rounds)

4 Shoulder to Overhead (see note below on weight)
8 Front Squats
12 Deadlifts
Run 300 meters

Note: Today’s session is a “barbell complex” that requires consecutive repetitions. Go as heavy as possible! A great challenge would be 135lb. for guys and 85lb. for women.

30 Day Challenge is Here!


30 Day Challenge Rules

  • All workouts count as a daily “point”
  • Workout at HQ, at home, or outdoors (surfing, hiking, etc. also count!)
  • 30 workouts in a row gets you entered into a raffle for some awesome prizes!
  • 30 workouts in a row also enters you into the April 30 day challenge (for 60 workouts!)
  • Pleasure Point Yoga (our neighbors) are doing the challenge with us!
  • You can take a Yoga class as one of your workouts!


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