TUESDAY 130806 

Pull-up Progression: Rest Day

100 Weighted Jump’s
100 Meter Sprint
Five Rounds of:
3 Heavy Bag Cleans
6 Heavy Bag Push-Jerks
9 Heavy Bag over Burpees

Sprint 100 Meters

Athletes Choice of:
7 No Leg Rope Climbs
12 Bar Muscle-Ups
15 Band Assisted Kipping Pull-ups
20 Ring Rows

Note: Today’s workout is the first of several KravFIT workouts designed by Greg Amundson. KravFIT incorporates the self defense principles and ranges of motion of Krav Maga with the foundational skills of CrossFit. The result is a super challenging workout that forges elite fitness and combatives at the same time. Get ready, it’s gonna be a good one!

Australian National Police visit CrossFit Pleasure Point!


Last week Mark and Hayley Haggerty visited our gym all the way from Sydney, Australia! Mark serves as an Australian Federal Police Officer. Following the workout, Mark presented Greg Amundson with the official Australian Federal Police shoulder patch and watch cap. Thank you Mark and Hayley for your generosity and for visiting our gym.


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