Krav Maga Station Rotation (LIGHT) then,

“The Chief”

On a 3:00 Running Clock,
3 Power Cleans (135lb. / 95lb.)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats

Note: Rest 1:00 between rounds and repeat for a total of 5 cycles. Compare todays battle with “The Chief” to March 20, 2015 and February 26, 2016. This is an incredible session!


During the 2017 Steve’s Club Summer Camp, students participate in a guided meditation with Greg Amundson. The power of meditation and visualization is incredible and of huge benefit in the accomplishment of our dreams and goals.


Wednesday Special Programs

Light WOD (All Classes Begin with LIGHT Session)

Krav Maga Orange Best Test is Tonight! (6:30 PM – TBD at Krav Maga)


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