MONDAY 140407

Five Rounds Of:

Front Squat 5 Repetitions
Immediately followed by,
Concept II for Row Maximum Calories in 2:00

Rest as needed then,

Climb the rope three times utilizing the most challenging technique available to you.

Note: Ideally, each set of 5 Front Squats is a 5RM (Repetition Max) set. Following the 5th Squat, move as quickly as possible to the rower and give it everything you have. What is the effect on the midsection following the Front Squat during the row? This is an “Original Glassman” workout first experienced by Greg Amundson and David Leys in 2003.

Say hello to Coach Aaron!


Congratulations to Aaron on completing the CrossFit Level I Trainer Course and the CrossFit Amundson Internship Program. Aaron brings immense leadership, compassion, encouragement and attention to detail to the CrossFit Amundson Coaching Team. Thank you Aaron for your hard work, and welcome to the Coaching Team!


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