Take 10:00 and work up to a 5 Repetition Max effort on the Deadlift,

Rest as needed then,

Complete 4 Individually Timed 3-minute rounds of:

Deadlifts, 3 Repetitions (Go Heavy!)
200 Meter Sprint
Maximum Repetition Lateral Bar Over Burpee

Note: No more than three minutes rest between rounds. On the metabolic workout, mens recommended weight is up to 315lb. and women’s weight 205lb. The weight selected should be heavy enough to require a high level of focus and concentration. Your score each round is the total number of Burpees completed added to your Deadlift weight.

Warrior Body + Zen Mind = CrossFit Pleasure Point


The photograph above of Britain and Colin, captured during the fourth round of Tuesday’s extremely challenging “Got Endurance” workout, beautifully depicts the essence of the Warrior Body and Zen Mind, the Sun and Moon, the Yin and Yang, that makes CrossFit Pleasure Point such a unique training environment to practice mental, physical and spiritual strengthening. As Greg Amundson and Bailey Feeney teach in the Warrior Yoga classes at CrossFit Pleasure Point, “A true Warrior must be skilled in both action and non-action.” Britain and Colin, both avid practitioners of Warrior Yoga, use the skills of mindfulness, stillness, silence and concentration to prepare their body for the physical challenges that await. To learn more about Yoga Warrior, and to develop strength in both action and non-action, be sure to attend Yoga tonight from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, free for all CrossFit Pleasure Point Athletes, at our Krav Maga studio.


WaterWOD 10:00 AM Today

Reminder today’s 10:00 AM class will be held at the Simpkins Swim Center and will be the WaterWOD. If you have not already signed up for this class, please be sure to attend one of the other class offerings today. If you’ve signed up, be at the gym ready for EPIC Van Transportation at 10:00 AM sharp with towel and swim suit.


The felt experience of perseverance – [video]


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