21,15,9 repetitions of,
Ring Dips

Note: Barbell weight is up to 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women. Bar dips and band assisted dips will be available modifications. This is a beautifully programmed workout by the Founder of CrossFit, Coach Greg Glassman.

First EWOD of 2014


Congratulations to Chris, Mike, Kristin, Graham, Rosie, Dom and Cole on completing a super challenging Endurance Workout on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. These courageous warriors completed a 1.5 mile soft sand run, a 200 meter hill sprint, and 5 x stair-sprint-repeats, all in under 45:00. Even more impressive, is that several of these amazing Athletes also completed “Chelsea” in the same day!


WaterWOD (swim workout)

For Time;

Five Rounds for Time:
Swim 25 Meters Under Water
50 Squats

Note: This is an incredible workout not for the faint of heart. Originally programmed by Coach Glassman in 2012, this workout has been hailed as “The worlds most challenging workout” by people who have completed it. No forward progress is allowed with any part of the body above water. Full brief to take place on the pool deck. Please note registration for the WaterWOD is complete. Stay posted for the next WaterWOD workout and be sure to sign up early. If you’ve registered, please be at our Headquarters Gym by 9:30 AM for the EPIC Van ride to the pool.


Greg Amundson “Elizabeth” demo circa 2010 [video]

Greg Amundson “Underwater Swim & Squat” demo circa 2012 [video]


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