Wendler Strength Series for Deadlift and Bench Press
Strict Pull-up 5,5,5,5,5 Repetitions

Note: Today we begin another three week cycle of the Wendler Strength Series. This is a very important day in our weekly CrossFit programming. If you are not able to attend class on Thursday, please be sure to make up this workout during open gym on Saturday or Sunday. The importance of dedicated progressive weight training cannot be overemphasized. Thursday’s will also be dedicated to the strict Pull-up. Advanced Athletes should consider making their Pull-ups weighted. Increasing upper back strength, shoulder strength, lateral stability and arm strength will radiate improvement in strength and power through the Bench Press and Deadlift, as well as all other foundational CrossFit skills.

Nice Technique Grayson!


Be prepared to discuss the three major points of performance (nicely displayed by Grayson) of the Deadlift and Bench Press during class today.


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