FRIDAY 161007

Bench Press 7,5,3 Repetitions (Tempo Training)

Rest as needed then,

Against a 4:00 Running Clock,
Run 400 Meters (or Row 400 Meters)
30 Wall Ball Shots (20lb. / 14lb.)
Pull-ups, Maximum Repetitions (or Ring Row, or Rope Climb)

Rest up to 4:00, then repeat for one additional round.

Note: Perform the Bench Press with a 3 second descent, 1 second pause at the bottom position, and a return to the top position as fast as possible. Warm-up as necessary, to ensure the repetitions of 7,5,3 and “working” sets. Your score on the triplet workout is the total number of Pull-ups completed.


Friday Gymnastics Class


Friday Special Programs

Wendler & Power Lifting Class (8:00 AM – 9:00 AM at HQ)

CrossFit Gymnastics Class (6:00 PM – 7:00 PM at HQ)


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