FRIDAY 140808

Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 Repetitions

Strict Pull-up 5,5,5,5,5 Repetitions

Rest as needed then,

As Many Repetitions As Possible in 5:00 of:

Ball Slam, 15 Repetitions
50 Weighted Jump Ropes or 50 Double Under’s

Note: It’s been an amazing week of training, and many of our Athletes have completed numerous “Double Day” sessions between our Endurance Workout and WaterWOD. Today is intended to be a strength building day at a low to moderate intensity, and then a quick AMRAP to open the heart. On the Bench Press, Advanced Athletes should set a goal to use bodyweight. Add weight to the Pull-up if appropriate for fitness level. For band assisted Pull-ups, ensure each repetition is strict, and use the least amount of assistance as possible.



Congratulations to our WaterWOD crew who completed a super challenging pool workout at Simpkins Swim Center. Check out their workout below!

3 Rounds of:
50 Meter Head Up Freestyle Sprint
21 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans
15 Hand Release Push-up
9 Toes to Sky


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