Run the “Big Loop” for a personal record,

Rest as needed then,


Snatch, 30 repetitions

Note: We will spend ample time reviewing the Snatch technique prior to beginning the workout. Men’s weight is up to 135lb. and women’s weight 95lb. We will also be offering a Kettlebell modification of this workout designed by the Founder of the CrossFit Kettlebell Course, Jeff Martone. Who can complete a “Big Loop” in 4:00 or less and then complete “Isabel” in under 7:00 with prescribed weight? Want to really dial in your Olympic Lifting skills? We highly recommend attending our Tuesday 7:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM Olympic Lifting Classes! These speciality classes are open and FREE to all CrossFit Amundson Athletes.

WaterWOD Fun!


Graham’s underwater swim and squat demo [video]

Lily and Graham’s final round of the WaterWOD [video]


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