Today we are going to do the WaterWOD!

This week on the WaterWOD we are doing a traditional swimming workout with a bit of a twist.

Complete seven rounds of: Freestyle sprint 25 meters x 25 meter underwater swim. For the underwater swim, if you must surface, come straight up, compose yourself, then go straight  back down and continue underwater. This means there is NO forward progress allowed while your head is out of the water.

Rest exactly one minute between rounds. Record the total time each round takes for completion.


Saturdays weekly reading: Today, read the CrossFit Journal Article The Athletic Hip“. In CrossFit, it could easily be argued we develop World class hip-extension capacity and an easy case could be made for the hip being the most important anatomic region in all athletic endeavors. Read this article to gain a more clear picture of the anatomic structure and biomechanics of this complex region.