On a 14:00 clock (7 rounds each station)

Odd Minutes = Front Squat, 3 repetitions (from the floor /// go heavy!)
Even Minutes = Toes to Bar, 15 repetitions

Rest as needed then,

Men = Concept2 Row 1,000 meters at 1:55 pace
Women = Concept2 Row 1,000 meters at 2:10 pace

Note: On the Front Squat, a great¬† goal for men is bodyweight and women 3/4 bodyweight. The rep’s must be consecutive and the bar must start from the floor. The goal on the C2 row is to stay within + / 1 of 2 seconds on the required split time for the entire 1,000 meters.

Congratulations to Brad on his successful radiology examinations!


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