FRIDAY 201009

Complete Five Rounds,

Concept2 Row, 200 meters
Rest as needed then,
Jiu Jitsu Bench Press, As Many Repetitions As Possible (135lb. / 85lb.)

Rest as needed then,

Tabata Toes to Bar (20 seconds “on” followed by 10 seconds “off” for 8 rounds)

Note: Our C2 rowing station will be on the “grinder” and the Bench Press station will be indoors. Review of the Jiu Jitsu Bench Press will take place during each class. Our scoring for the Tabata session will be “every repetition counts.” Record each round as a fraction such as: .50 / 20 (C2 row time was 50 seconds followed by 20 Bench Press repetitions).

Trevor has been crushing it!



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