MONDAY 140310

On a 15:00 running clock, perform the “Butler Complex” on an increasing load basis consisting of one Flip Snatch, one Hang Power Snatch and one Hang Squat Snatch.

Rest as needed then,

3 rounds for time of:
Hang Power Snatch, 21 repetitions
15 Hurdle Jumps
9 Toes to Bar

Note: Advanced Athletes strive for 95lb. (men) and 65lb. (women) for the metabolic workout. Hurdle height is up to 24 inches for men and 20 for women. The “Butler Complex” is an opportunity to work the Snatch technique through the different pulls of the movement. Instruction will be provided at the beginning of each class. An “increasing load basis” means each of the three repetitions of the complex will increase in weight under the discretion of the individual Athlete. The goal over the 15:00 running clock is to work up in weight to a load you can complete the complex in with extreme challenge.

Sandrene gets her first Rope Climb!


Sandrene has made amazing improvements with her command of the foundational CrossFit skills. On March 4, 2014, during the 6:00 PM class, Sandrene achieved a big personal goal when she nailed her first Rope Climb. Congratulations Sandrene on all of your accomplishments, we love you girl!


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