5 x 5 shoulder press

Rest 5:00 then:

Tabata Row

Notes: Add 5 pounds to your previous 5RM press. Row a complete Tabata evolution of 8 rounds. Score for the Tabata workout is the lowest number of calories in any interval. Who can shoulder press 3/4 bodyweight and hold 12 calories?

Greg Amundson at the Warrior Summit II in San Antonio, Texas


The CrossFit Amundson Men’s WOD SUP is on October 19, 2012, at 0615. We are meeting at Kayak Connection on Lake Avenue. If you have a wetsuit please bring it with you. This will be a very challenging 2.5 mile open water paddle or kayak. Any questions please check with Greg at the gym.


“Greg, this mind stuff really works!” CrossFit Amundson Athlete Dominic following his personal record in Fran.