MONDAY 120910

CrossFit Total

Find your 1 Rep Max in the Deadlift, Backsquat and Shoulder Press.


Practice your rope climb on our new rope!

REST 5:00 and Stretch

Krav Maga Combative Technique Training:

Review Elbows 1-7
Review Learn Stand-Up-In-Base (SUIB)

Krav Maga Self Defense Training:

Review Choke from Front with a Push
Learn Choke from Behind with a Push

Law Enforcement Only:
Review Handgun Retention on Ground and Standing

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course at CrossFit Amundson.


This weekend, CrossFit Amundson hosted the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course. Our gym welcomed CrossFit Athlete’s from around the Country. Special thanks to our hometown crew who made our guests feel welcome and part of the family. Guess who’s in the front row? That’s super trainer Jenna and super athlete Bart giving two thumbs up! Our Kettlebell Friday is back and now we’ve got Jenna and Bart to help teach it!


Reminder! World renowned author TJ Murphy, author of the book, Inside The Box, will be visiting our gym tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:00 PM. Please stop by the gym to meet TJ and welcome him to our family.


Congratulations to Peter on an awesome CrossFit Total. Peter achieved a 200lb. Shoulder Press, a 405lb. Squat and a 475lb. Deadlift for a total of 1080lb.