TUESDAY 130910

Dip Progression: Rest Day

Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 Repetitions

Rest as needed then,

21,15,9 Repetitions of
Power Snatch
Toes to Bar

Note: Work up to a heavy 1 Repetition Max (1RM) load on the Power Snatch. Then for the metabolic component of todays workout, use 50% of this same load. A long term goal for out Athletes would be completing this workout with 135lb. for men and 95lb. for women. Want to make that goal a reality? Be sure to start attending the weekly CrossFit Amundson Olympic Lifting Class!

Greg Amundson speaks tonight at Capitola Book Cafe!


Endurance Workout Plan: The EWOD today will involve a CrossFit Hero Workout as well as an ocean swim. Meet at the Headquarters Gym at 1:00 PM to get warmed up. The Epic Fitness Van leaves for Capitola Beach at 1:30. This workout will be done in the soft sand!


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards


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