MONDAY 140811

Complete Four Rounds:

On a 4:00 Running Clock Complete,

400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
As Many Repetitions as Possible (AMRAP) of Red Weighted Jumps or Double Unders

Note: The 4:00 running clock begins at the start of the run. Rest exactly 4:00 between rounds. Men’s Kettlebell weight is up to 53lb. and women’s weight is up to 35lb. Advanced Athlete’s may use the Double Under skill. Your score is the total number of Weighted Jumps or Double Unders achieved each round. If you use the Double Under skill, each repetition counts as two points for your score.

Cindy and Gregory are Athletes of The Week!


This week we are recognizing two very special people as the Athlete Of The Week. Cindy is a United States Border Patrol Agent that serves on the very dangerous Mexicali and Calexico border near Yuma, Arizona. Cindy’s goal is to learn CrossFit in order to teach her fellow Border Patrol Agents through their Law Enforcement CrossFit Affiliate gym. On her first day in the gym, Cindy participated in the Endurance Workout and completed her very first ocean swim, all the way to the near-bouey at Capitola Beach. Cindy’s encouragement of everyone in the gym was amazing, and she became fast friends with our gym family.

Gregory was visiting from Calgary, Canada, where he serves as a Police Officer. Gregory was in town with the WODCation, and he spent a great deal of time at the gym. On Thursday, Gregory completed the WaterWOD, then the 12:00 CrossFit WOD, he then went for a 1 hour Stand Up Paddle Board workout with Greg Amundson, and finished his evening with a Warrior Yoga class with Bailey Feeney. Many of the Athletes who trained with Gregory remarked how much they wanted him to move to Santa Cruz and remain a permanent part of the gym.

Thank you Cindy and Gregory for visiting our gym and becoming part of our extended CrossFit family. You always have a home in Santa Cruz. Be safe in your professions and visit again soon!


Join Bailey Feeney tonight from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM for Warrior Yoga. Krav Maga will be from 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM.


Today is the official Run – Swim – Run race from Santa Cruz to Capitola. Good luck, fast runs and safe swims to our racers! Please note the 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM CrossFit classes and 8:30 AM Yoga classe are canceleld to support this race. Spectators are encouraged to be at Capitola Wharf at approximately 7:00 AM to cheer on the racers at the finish line. The gym will be providing free coffee, juices and breakfast burritos from our friends at Coffeetopia following the race.


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