FRIDAY 140711

From “The CAMP” (CrossFit Amundson Maximum Performance)

Five “Fighter Rounds” of,

7 Kettlebell Thruster
7 Hurdle Jumps
7 Ball Slams
7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Note: Weight on the Thruster is up to 35lb. for men and 25lb. for women. Dumbbells will also be an option. Ball Slam weight is up to 20lb. for men and 16lb. for women. Hurdle height is up to 30 inches for men and 24 inches for women. Each round will be individually timed on a running clock. The work to rest ration will be approximately equal. The intention is to “Fight Through” each round at maximum intensity and power output, then rest, and repeat. This workout was recently performed with our friends from Australia who visited our gym with the Summer West Coast WOD Tour and it was a good one!

EWOD Warriors


Congratulations to Cole, Roberto, Justin, Sandra and LeeAnn who completed a very challenging three mile hill run through the trails of the University of California Santa Cruz campus. Two miles were straight uphill through wooded and uneven terrain. Great job everyone on taking your fitness “Outside The Box!”


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