“Got Strength?”

Tempo Deadlift, 7,5,3,1 Repetitions (5 + second descent)

Rest as needed then,

Tempo Bench Press  7, 5, 3, 1 Repetitions (3 + second descent)

Extra Credit:

150 Double Unders for Time (or 200 single jumps)

Note: Todays “Strength Day” is intended to develop strength and reinforce the proper mechanics of the Deadlift and Bench Press. We will be recording the 1RM for the Bench and Deadlift. Remember, on Tempo days, it’s more about the TEMPO then the WEIGHT!


US Army Major (Ret.) Josh Mantz and former DEA Special Agent and US Army Captain Greg Amundson will be sharing the stage together at John F. Kennedy University during a full day transformational laboratory on achieving optimal performance, resilience, and wellness. Josh and Greg are plank-owners of world renowned Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau, and are both Amazon #1 ranked bestselling authors. This is going to be one awesome day of education and inspiration!


Please note Bag Class and Yoga are cancelled tonight for a lecture Coach is giving in Walnut Creek.


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