TUESDAY 221011

Front Squat 1RM Re-Test

This is the final week of the Wendler Series for the Front Squat.

Today Athletes will again find their 1 Rep Max Front Squat.  After completing the Wendler Series let’s see who can increase that 1RM.



Min 1 Max DU (Singles will be scored by 1/2)

Min 2 Max Situps

Min 3 Max Alt Single Arm DB Snatch (#35/25)

Min 4 Max Burpees

This 4 Minute AMRAP will be scored like a round of Fight Gone Bad.  The total reps from all 4 minutes will be your final score.

Teen class tonight at 515PM.  Got a teen with a lot of energy or in need of a positive and encouraging outlet?  Send them to the Teen Class where they will learn valuable skills.  

Seabron getting after his Wendler Front Squat.


Tuesday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the Day

1030AM – Workout of the Day

4PM – Workout of the Day

515PM – Teen Class

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