MONDAY 150112

Workout Of The Day (WOD)

Wendler Strength Series for Bench Press and Front Squat (Week 1 / add 10lb.)

Rest as needed then,

Complete Two Times:

As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) in 1:00 of:
Concept 2 Row (Maximum Calories)

Rest 1:00

As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) in 1:00 of:
Assault Bike (Maximum Calories)

Rest 1:00

As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) in 1:00 of:
Double Under or Weighted Jump Rope

Note: We are in our final month of the Wendler Strength Series for Bench Press, Front Squat and Shoulder Press. We’ve already seen some remarkable and inspiring results in strength, with numerous “Personal Records” in these lifts. On today’s AMRAP workout, Athletes will rotate through each station after 1:00 rest. This is a highly demanding metabolic stimulus very similar to the infamous “CrossFit Amundson Sprint Triathlon”.


Amanda is Athlete Of The Week!


Congratulations to Amanda who was recognized as Athlete Of The Week at CrossFit Amundson. In addition to her stellar performance in CrossFit workouts, Amanda is most regarded for her incredible skill in Krav Maga. Amanda is currently enrolled at Krav Maga Santa Cruz Phase B, where her combatives and weapon-defense techniques are crisp, powerful, and super effective. During a particularly grueling knee-strike drill last week, Amanda was teamed up with men nearly twice her size (thus the bruising on her arm!) yet she remained composed and confident in her skill. Amanda is headed to Krav Maga Worldwide in Santa Monica, CA., next week for the super-challenging 7 day Krav Maga Instructor Course. In February, Amanda (along with Lars from KMSC and CrossFit) will be joining the team of instructors at Krav Maga Santa Cruz. Congratulations Amanda on all your success!


Monday Special Programs

CrossFit Light (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM at Krav Maga)

Strength Development:

Tire Flips, 5 to 7 repetitions


Complete 1:00 “On” and 1:00 “Off” at the following stations:

40 – 60 RPM Aerodyne Bike
Hurdle Jump or Box Step
Slam Balls
Parallel Bar Dips
Russian Kettlebell Swing
Weighted Jump Rope
Bosu Ball Squat (Balancing Skill Day!)

Barbell Club WOD (1:30 PM – 2:30 PM at Headquarters)

Krav Maga Phase A (6:15 PM – 7:00 PM at Krav Maga)

Krav Maga Phase B (7:15 PM – 8:00 PM at Krav Maga)


Musha Shugya: The Quest of the WarriorComing Soon!


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