FRIDAY 140912

“CrossFit Pleasure Point Total”

Find you 1 Repetition Maximum Effort in the Following:

Bench Press
Front Squat
Weighted Pull-up

Note: This is an excellent indication of overall functional strength. Can anyone total over 800lb.? Work through each skill at a comfortable pace, in any order you choose. This is not a timed evolution. Try to set a 5lb. record in each lift. The last time the “CrossFit Pleasure Point Total” was calculated in our gym was August 21, 2014.


Reviewing the Battle-Data


Following Monday’s epic battle at CrossFit Pleasure Point, Efrain, Carey and Tobias stand shoulder to shoulder reviewing the collected data from their effort. The Whiteboard at CrossFit Pleasure Point is a daily testimonial to the heart and determination of our Athletes. It also teaches the wisdom of showing up, doing our best, and then letting go, knowing that every night the Whiteboard is erased in preparation for a new day.


Week In Review

Congratulations to all our Athletes on an incredible week of “dedication to practice” both inside and outside the gym. From the challenging metabolic workouts, to the EPIC Stand Up Paddle, to the brutal Endurance WOD at Blue Ball Park, to the stillness of the Yoga classes, the heart of our Athletes shined brightly every day.


Santa Cruz County Veterans Center Yoga

Greg Amundson, a former US Army Captain and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent, will be teaching a free Warrior Body Zen Mind Yoga class every Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM for Santa Cruz County Military Veterans. Military Veterans of all branches of the Armed Forces are welcome to attend this free class as guests of CrossFit Pleasure Point.


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