TUESDAY 121113

Wendler 5-3-1 Series

Extra Credit: Tabata Row. Who can hold 8 or more calories for all eight rounds?

Note: This week we re-start the Wendler Strength Progression. Our goal is to add 10 pounds to the weight we started with. The strength gains we observed during the last three weeks were astounding. Keep up the great work everyone!

Wendy gets a 10lb. weighted pull-up.


Buddy Lee is the Tiger Woods of skipping rope:www.buddyleejumpropes.com. We will be adding a lot of jump rope work to our programming over the next few months. Although we’ll have ropes available in the gym, we strongly recommend each of our Athlete’s make the investment in purchasing an individual rope. Please ask at the gym for our preferred manufactures and suppliers.


“A human being is happiest and most successful when dedicated to a cause outside his own individual, selfish satisfaction.” – Benjamin Spock