UPDATE: 5PM Class is CANCELLED today due to instillation of new Pull-up bars and Rope Climb stations! 

For Time:

Hang Power Clean, 22 Repetitions (95lb. / 65lb.)
Front Rack Barbell Lunge, 22 Repetitions (21 Each Leg)
200 Meter Run (Bus Stop)
Hang Power Clean, 16 Repetitions
Front Rack Barbell Lunge, 16 Repetitions
400 Meter Run
Hang Power Clean, 10 Repetitions
Front Rack Barbell Lunge, 10 Repetitions
600 Meter Run (Speed Bump on 35th Avenue)

Note: Todays session comes from our friends at CrossFit Aptos, and it’s a good one! We will review the points of performance on the Front Rack Lunge in class.

Shane is a Warrior!


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