MONDAY 131216

Complete 3 Rounds (not for time) of:

30 second Handstand or Plank hold
30 second rest
30 second Squat hold
30 second rest
30 second Hanging L-Sit hold
30 second rest
30 second Chin over bar hold

Rest 5:00 then,

As Many Rounds As Possible in 7:00 of:

Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 repetitions
Hang Powerclean, 7 repetitions
Thruster, 5 repetitions

Note: Weight for men is up to 95lb. and women up to 65lb. The Sumo Deadlight High-pull will be reviewed in todays class.  Who can complete 5 rounds with the Rx’d weight (95lb. / 65lb.) of todays workout?

 CrossFit + UFC + Big Wave Surfing = EPIC


Infant Swimming Resource: ‘It’s Really Magical’” CrossFit Journal video [ipod] [mov] [HD mov]

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