TUESDAY 131217

Bench Press bodyweight for maximum repetitions, rest exactly thirty seconds, and then perform one maximum repetition set of Pull-ups. Multiply Bench Press load by Bench Press repetitions by Pull-up repetitions for “useful upper body strength index”.

Rest 5:00 then,

Three individually timed “sprint rounds” of:

Run 400 Meters
Back Squat 15 Repetitions

Note: Weight on the Back Squat for men is up to 185lb. and for women 115lb. Pick a weight you can handle for 15 consecutive repetitions that still requires a real challenge. How does this stimulus compare to last weeks workout of Run 400 Meters and Bench Press?

SEB CrossFit (Special Enforcement Bureau)


Congratulations to the Special Enforcement Bureau on their beautiful new CrossFit Law Enforcement Affiliate gym. Today at 12:00 PM, Greg Amundson, Jimi Letchford and Dave Castro from CrossFit, HQ., will be joining SEB and other Los Angeles based SWAT Teams for the inaugural CrossFit workout at the new SEB facility.


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