MONDAY 120917

1 Squat
1 Push-Up
2 Squats
2 Push-Up’s
3 Squats
3 Push-Up’s
4 Squats
4 Push-Up’s
Get it?
Continue this sequence as far as you can for exactly 20 minutes.

Rest 5:00 then perform one max set of Pull-Ups.


1. Make each Squat and Push-Up beautiful. Focus on virtuosity.
2. Advanced athletes try parallel bars for the Push-Ups.
3. Super advanced athletes try alternating single leg squats and HSPU’s.
4. Try to increase your recent Pull-Up record by 1 repetition.

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“I don’t psyche myself up. I psych myself down. I think clearer when I’m not psyched up.”– Steve Cauthen