MONDAY 130318

Today we are going to work on our Hang Squat Clean and determine our 1 RM (1 Rep Maximum) with this important skill. Then,

Perform 5 Rounds of:
9 Repetitions of Hang Squat Clean with 75 % of your 1 RM
3 Rope Climbs

Note: This workout is not timed. Rather, use this as an opportunity to develop your Hang Squat Clean technique and practice different variations of Rope Climbing progressions. With the heat of battle upon us during the CrossFit Games season, sometimes it’s mentally and physically beneficial to disregard the clock, and to simply enjoy the feeling of developing our fitness.

Skyline to Sea (aka CrossFit Amundson Epic Fitness Hike) Reconnaissance Element


On March 10, 2013, Heather and Greg conducted a reconnaissance of the upcoming CrossFit Amundson Epic Fitness Hike. The trail is breathtaking, and will include a stop at a beautiful waterfall. We recommend bringing plenty of water and a sturdy pair of shoes. (Greg maneuvered from tree to tree while low-crawling and snacking on tree bark. Heather threw rocks at him and enjoyed trail mix.)