“Super Sun!”

Four Rounds for Time of,
50 Squats
30 Push-ups
Run 400 Meters

Note: Today’s session comes from Coach’s book Firebreather Fitness and VICTORY and it’s a good one! Following your first round, try to remain within 10 seconds of your split time. When you share your workout score (your time), let us know what your running route was. For extra credit, do this entire workout on soft sand!


A Note from Coach

Keep Fit, Stay Healthy and Remain Positive.

Hello CrossFit Pleasure Point Athletes!

I am super inspired by the practice of Twin Lakes Church in Aptos (where Coach Adrian is a Pastor!) and wanted to implement a similar “mindset” for our gym.

In a word, Twin Lakes is continuing to have Church – it’s just that Church has taken on a temporarily different format.

Over the next few days, we are going to “keep the gym open” ~ it’s just that the gym, workout briefs, warm-ups and workouts will take a temporarily different format. We will be moving to an entirely remote and online platform including YouTube, Facebook Live, and our website.

Below are a few of the details:

  • Every day at 4PM, I will do a Facebook live on our main CrossFit Pleasure Point Facebook Page (located here!). The live event will include “meeting around the whiteboard” for the workout brief and a positive message. You can also access our Facebook Group from the main Facebook page.
  • Do the workouts at home and “post your score” either to Beyond the Whiteboard or into the message component of the Facebook post of the day. Instructions for joining BTWB (it’s free!) are located on our Facebook page.

During this time, it is imperative that you REMEMBER and APPLY everything you have learned in the gym. Let’s revisit a few key principles:

  • Thoughts create things. Keep your thinking and your speaking positive!
  • Stay hydrated – men need 1 gallon and ladies 3/4 gallon of fresh water a day.
  • Get sunlight! You are allowed to be outdoors and to RUN! So get out there in the sun, it’s vital for your health and positive mindset.
  • Eat healthy! You needs lots of fruits and veggie’s in your diet this time of year.

I am here for all of you as your coach, teammate and friend. Please let me know how I can be of service.

Remember that many of our athletes are serving on the front lines as public safety, doctors, and nurses. Let’s work as a TEAM and keep each other in prayer.

With love,




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