It’s been an awesome week of training – everyone has been doing an outstanding job. Today we are going after a very important data point that we’ll be revisiting on a regular basis.

Row 2K

Rest 10:00

Find your 1RM Weighted Pull-up

Note: Give your 2K row 110% effort. Bragging rights for the gyms fastest time. Can anyone beat Greg Amundson’s time of 6:41.2? Best this time and get a free CrossFit Amundson beanie! (Gym members only, sorry international friends!) Due to our total work output this week we will be finding our 1 Rep Max (1RM) in the Back Squat and Press on Monday, October 22. Please be sure to attend class on Monday as your 1RM will be important as we move forward.

Klem with Greg Amundson


We love Klem! At CrossFit Amundson, when we think of words like, “Dedication, Discipline, Hard-Work, Virtuosity, Compassion, Friendship and Service” we think of our friend Klem. Keep up the great work Klem, and thank you for the I-Pid you bought for the gym! (PS: Is the song “Call Me Maybe” and “Lights” on it?)


REMINDER! The Mens WOD SUP Day with Greg Amundson is tomorrow morning. Please be on time! We are meeting at 6:15 AM at Kayak Connection to get suited up. The gym is providing all equipment rentals. We leave from U-Dock at 6:30. See you on the water! The gym is open for regular training sessions in the event you are not able to attend the WOD SUP.


CrossFit Amundson Endurance Workouts start next Tuesday at 1:00 PM.