FRIDAY 190419


For Time,

Concept2 Row, 1000 Meters
Thruster, 50 Repetitions (45lb. / 35lb.)
Pull-up, 30 Repetitions 

Note: This one’s for the leaderboard! We are going to use a medicine ball for the “depth gauge” today to ensure full range of motion into the bottom position on the Thrusters. Compare todays score to January 4, 2019. How many people can Rx’ todays session in 8:00 or less? 

Dave Leys joins the 4PM Crew!


On Wednesday, “Original Athlete” Dave Leys joined the 4PM crew for an Old-school throwdown! Dave started doing CrossFit in 2000 and was one of Coach’s training partners at the worlds first CrossFit gym on Research Park Drive. 


“Grace” with Coach and Dave (circa 2006) 


Friday Special Programs 

CrossFit Strength and Olympic Lifting (8AM – 9AM)


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